Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back To Practice

Tonight we had a practice after taking the spring/summer off. I (Jolene) will be filling in as blog reporter for Amanda :))

In Attendance:

Amanda- Pixel
Kim- Bosley
Judy- Roxy
Jolene- Kort

What we did:

We worked on more scent discrimination on the box as well as running as a team .
The dogs seemed to be very happy about starting up again and everyone did super well!
We are hoping to be ready to compete in November at our Lethbridge show! :))

I have also taken the box home & will be painting it with our colour (red)

Amanda picked up numbers for the dumbbells & I must say they look pretty fancy with them on!
Your number will be as follows:

Lupine 8
Wicca 11
Kort 5
Bosley 3
Roxy 2
Tea 1
Pixel 4
Molly 7
GG- 9

We are also sorry to hear that Sarah & Gyp will not be able to be on the team. :((

Next practice will be on Thurs. Sept 2nd @ 8:00........hope everyone can make it !