Friday, November 21, 2014

Lethbridge Dog Show

Keeper all dressed and ready for her first night of racing!
We competed at our local show last weekend and what a night it was!!   We introduced 3 new team members and each of them did amazing for their first races, congratulations to........

Shannon & Keeper new members of No Nonscents
Michelle & Bezzie new members of Full of Nonscents &
Jocelyn & Zumba also new members of Full of Nonscents.

All of you made your teammates so proud!

On a personal note, last weekend was Kort's last race.  He raced the first one without an issue, but the second one was a different story.  It became very evident once again, his back problems were painful enough that he was struggling to finish the race.  I made the extremely hard decision to pull him from the rest of the night and to retire him officially.

It was so emotional for me, Kort is one of the originals, way back when we began the new team, we all learned together and made our team the great one that it is today.
Kort and I love Scenthurdle and my heart is breaking for him.   It was one of the last things that Kort and I were able to do together.
I did however get to race Pixel in a few races and we did awesome if I do say so myself ! :)

Thank you Amanda for being there for me while I cried, I know I am always crying lol!  You are a wonderful Captain and a great friend.
Thank you to my team members that came up to me during the race with words of comfort, for I really was struggling.