Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday Practice

Handsome Epic

Great practice last night.
We started the night with the newbies in training, they worked on their dumbbell retrieves, discrimination, & taking the dumbbell off the box, these up & comers are doing fabulously & will no doubt be competing before too long!

In Attendance:


We talked about rules & how we all need to read them!  Amanda says there will be a test so we better bone up lol!  I myself have read them many times, I never remember them, but I've read them!
At our last race we had a couple of near misses with almost stepping over the line , letting our dogs go early, & not sure of who is responsible for retrieving a dropped dumbbell.  All these things are stuff we should know by now, we are loosing so many points by silly mistakes.
We promise to do better Amanda!!

We discussed which races we could attend this year as well.
I have to say that our team is so awesome, such great sports & we all just mesh together so well.

See you next Thursday, 7:30

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AKC Show

Well the first race of the new year is in the books & what a marathon night it was!

We started racing about 6pm & finished at 11:30pm !! The dogs were all troopers, some of them getting slower near the end of the night ( Kort ), some getting faster ( Jethro ) !!  We all missed Crawford & his crazy barking, as Tina said, it was strangely quiet at times :(

We had tons of laughs, Scenthurdle is the only dog sport I compete in where everyone , & I mean everyone, are good sports, supportive of their own teammates as well as other teammates.  It makes for a fun fun night!

For example, we had the girls that would hold up box numbers to rate our performances, so funny, we had fun photo opportunities with Judy being a great sport when this picture was taken of her :)

I was hoping to post all the new titles that were awarded, but the points have yet to come in to make it official, so I will do that in another post, for now enjoy a couple of videos from the night :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


All of us are thinking good thoughts and saying lots of prayers for our team mates Maureen & Crawford today.
Crawford was diagnosed with intestinal cancer & is going  through surgery today to remove the infected intestines.  He is at the C.A.R.E center in Calgary.
Good luck little guy, we're pulling for you.
Hugs for Maureen while she waits for him to come out of surgery.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Beginnings

Luna loves to play Scenthurdle !

This Thursday will be our Beginners Class for people that would like to give Scenthurdle a try!  It is so exciting to see the interest in this sport!  Not only do we now have 2 Lethbridge  teams competing, but we have a bunch of keen people coming up that also want to try out for the teams!

This Saturday we will be competing in Calgary at the AKC show, & Full of Nonscents will make their debut as a new team, whoo hoo!  I am hoping to get video so stay tuned for that after the weekend.

Beginner class will start at 6:15 this Thursday.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!

 In Attendance:


This year will be so exciting!  We are officially 2 teams now, wow!!

We have No Nonscents & Full of Nonscents & we practised with our "new" teams.

Roberta finished painting the new box & it looks fantastic!  I will be painting the Full of Nonscents dumbells black.
We are all excited to be going to the AKC show on January 17th & we also decided we have enough members to compete in the Scentabilty Tournament in February.

Next Practice Thursday January 9 @ 7:30, see you then