Sunday, February 20, 2011


In attendance:


What we did:

The better question is, what didn't we do!
The running dogs practiced with jumps ,without jumps, just racing to the box for the dumbbell, & restrained recalls for a faster run over the jumps.

The newer dogs worked on restrained recalls as well, first one jump, then back chaining until 4 were used. They worked on fetching first off, then on the box, as well as some scent discrimination.

It was great to see the newer dogs coming along so quickly, they will be racing in no time :)

Next practice will be Sunday Feb 27 @ the new time of 4 pm due to a busy day of other activities for some of the team.
See you then!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Newbies, and Training News

Amanda has been busy finding new team members. :)

Swift is a Australian Cattle Dog. She was rescued a few years ago and has certainly come a long way. She believes that all things should be done as fast as possible, and has a great zest for training. She and Donna make a great team.

Rosie is a German Shorthair pointer who is owned by Mel. She loves to fetch, and will catch on to the game pretty fast! She has also started doing Rally Obedience and will be hitting the ring this spring/summer.

Chase is a Shetland Sheepdog. He and his owner Shauna have been hanging out in the agility ring for the past few years and are looking to add some more fun to their lives. Chase likes fetching and has already figured out the best way to carry the dumbbell. He will give Crawford a run for his money barking wise. :) We may need to supply our competition with ear plugs.

And last but not least, Cookie! Cookie is a Munsterlander, and pending with the CKC will hopefully be able to be on our team. He is a goofy boy who will add some humour and fun to the team. He and his owner Jamie also play in agility and hope to hit the ring this summer.

Yay for new dogs!!! Being a team sport it is really important to help each other out, and on our team we believe in open communication and helpfulness. Our practices will be split in half for the next bit- with equal time for the newbies, and the already running dogs. Due to the increase in team members we will be closing our practice times to MEMBERS ONLY. This will allow us to spend more time focusing on getting the new dogs started, and fine tuning the team getting ready to race.