Monday, June 27, 2011

Outside Practice

In Attendance:


With summer in full swing we took advantage & had an outside practice. The next trial is this weekend in Coalhurst after the agility trial.
The dogs did awesome, even with all the distractions they managed to concentrate & do their jobs!
The newbies, Gyp, Jethro & Cookie also did awesome, running the 4 jumps to the full box to bring back their dumbbells, just a few minor bobbles but they really rocked. These guys have been working so hard & it really shows, Congrats you guys!!!

The racing dogs, Kort, Bosley & Pixel were very focused & brought back the right dumbbell everytime.
I have to say we drew quite a crowd at times, they must have been wondering what the heck we were doing!

Looking forward to this weekend & racing ! Whoo Hoo!!