Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Practice

Today was the final practice before our first official race next weekend. We are all pretty excited about it. All of the dogs are doing great!

In Attendance:

and new comer

Jethro is a Sheltie that is also doing Rally Obedience and Tina thought he'd like to play scenthurdle aswell.  All of the actual racing spots are filled for the year but she is excited to start training anyway!

What we did
  • Started with the newer dogs. Building value for the jumps for Rosie and Jethro. Moved jumps against the wall and worked on sending to the food bowl. The foodbowl really helped Rosie to understand jumping more. Homework for Jethro is fetching, and Rosie is jumping.
  • Crawford backchained to retrieving over the four jumps. Ran him with another dog a few times and he did the whole thing!! Yay for Crawford. This has been an ongoing thing for him- and he finally seems to be getting that we'd like him to go over all the jumps. :) What a good boy!
  • We raced as a team- Pixel, Kort, Roxy, Bosley. We had Mel and Tina be distractions at the box and at the start line. The dogs ran well although were a bit distracted by the food bowl!
I took a few photos- the lighting isn't very good for action, but some of them turned out cute anyway.

Bosley pulling to start. We've discovered that Bosley runs best if he is first....

on the home stretch....

Kort barking in excitement...he really likes this game :)

Kort is a speedy guy!

Roxy really loves her dumbbell!

Handsome Bosley

Not in focus at all, but Rosie needed to get on the blog! This is how we encourage the dogs to drive ahead..

Crawford thinks Stay means bark. :)

and the cute Pixel. :)

Our next practice won't be for a few weeks as the key players are away next week. We may have practice the following week but I know there is an agility trial so some of us will be away. But if there are enough we will schedule it anyway- I will email everyone to let them know.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smokin !!!!!

Holy guacamole we were smokin today ! :))

We had a mini race today after the Fun Match, Due South joined us for some friendly competition. We have 2 weeks until our first trial & we feel pretty darn good after today.
The racing dogs, Swift, Bosley, Roxy,Pixel & Kort did awesome !!! It was very much like a trial setting, dogs barking & people yelling.
The first 4 heats we won ! We then had a lane change & we kind of had some set backs :) Not to make excuses but this would not happen in a real trial setting, the lane change would come, but only after a break. So, I think the dogs were just a wee bit confused, especially because they are so new to the sport.
We are all looking forward to competing in Red Deer in 2 weeks...
Go Team !

PS. Mel, one of the newest team members, filled in as our box loader, she did awesome, thanks Mel, it's not the easiest job !

Also, we will have a time change for the Sunday March 27th practice. It will be at 12 NOON !

See you then !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go Team!

In Attendance:


What We Did:

Our team rocked today! The dogs were fast & accurate. The new dogs are coming along by leaps & bounds, Swift is ready to trial already, & Cookie, Mazie, Chase & Rosie are coming along super with their scenting, jumping & taking from the box.
It is very exciting to think we will be in our first trial in 3 weeks!
Good Work Guys!

Next Practice, Sunday March 20th in conjunction with our Fun Match.
See you there!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Practise Practise

In Attendance:


We had a great practice last Sunday!

The Newbies- Chase, Cookie, Maizie
worked on fetch
finding the jump at angles
fetching from the box
beginning of discrimination

The In-Betweeners- Swift, Crawford
carrying the dummy all the way back :)

The Running dogs- Roxy, Kort, Pixel, Bosley
worked on passing

The People
talked about rules
box loading practice :) (we all need to learn!!!)
race how to's and questions

All in all it was a pretty great session- the newbies are catching on super well, and the two in between dogs are quickly catching up to the running dogs! Swift and Crawford both have come a long way in a short time! Although they may need to provide ear plugs to the rest of the team :) And the running dogs did great- focused and having a good time!

We also decided that Swift should be ready for Red Deer for sure. Crawford is still in limbo :)

Our next team practice will be Sunday, March 13th at 2pm!
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