Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Attendance:

Daryl/Molly & Betty

What we Did:

We started out tonight with 2 teams running at the same time. The dogs were great for the most part, it was definitely different for them to run while other dogs were running at the same time.

It was great to see Betty taking her dumbbell then coming back over 1 jump with it!...hurray for Betty!

Crawford is coming along quickly as well...he LOVES his dumbbell & can hardly wait to pick it up. Good Boy!

Molly & Wicca also got to have some fun at the end of the night & ran a couple of times.

Kim has taken home the extra dumbbells & is painting them...thanks Kim!
We all owe $3.50 to Amanda for them.

Amanda is going to need our paperwork next week so she can get it sent in to make things official.

Next practice is Thurs Sept 30th, see you then!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awesome Practice!

In Attendance:


What we did:

Tonight as usual we started with some scent discrimination on the floor. We then split up into 2 teams & worked with a full box for the first time! All the dogs were amazing, we are coming along great!
3 of the dogs, Crawford, Zydeco & Betty, are not quite ready to race yet. They worked on sending over the jumps, & Zydeco worked on retrieving on the box with 1, then 2 dummy dumbbells. They are really catching on quickly & will be ready to race with us in no time!!

Liz brought out one of the vests she is making for the dogs to wear, we all tried it on our dogs, they looked so cute :))

Amanda put together the video below to show the team in action......

Next practice will be on Thurs. Sept 23
See you then !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Outside Practise

In Attendance:

Amanda/Pixel aka stealer of the cheese :))
Donni/Molly & Zydeco


What We Did:

Seeing as this was a new environment, & outside we did some basics.
We started with hiding the dumbbell & asking the dog to find it.
Then we did some scent discrimination using 2 dumbbells, it was a bit harder for the dogs to focus as we were outside with alot of distractions, & there were lots of yummy smells in the grass!
We did restrained recalls over 4 jumps, then went into the retrieving from the box. The dogs did super for the most part but you could see they were not quite as dependable in this new environment. All the more reason to keep challenging the dogs in new places.

Thank you to Donni & Daryl for the hospitality & yummy lemonade & brownies!

Next Practice, Thurs Sept. 9 @ 8pm. Paws On The Run
see you there!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coming Together !

In Attendance:

Julia- Tea
Kim- Bosley
Donni- Molly
Judy- Roxy
Amanda- Pixel
Jolene- Kort

What we did:

We worked on discrimination on the flat, first using 2 dumbbells, then 3.
After we went to the box, we started with 2, then 3, then finally 4 ! The dogs are doing great !!
It sure is fun to see them carefully sniffing & looking for their dumbbells!

We also had a discussion on team "uniforms". We have decided to go with vests & the colour will be black with a red logo.
The dogs will have black with red piping & red numbers! We should all look pretty spiffy :))

Sarah is working to come up with a logo, & Liz has offered to make the dog vests...thanks guys!!!

We will be having another practice on Mon. Sept 6 at 4pm. We will be going to Donni's house for something different, should be fun!

See you there!