Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Video !

Here it is....the video of our races :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great Night at the Races

Last night we raced right here in Lethbridge. There were only 6 teams competing but we all had such a great time !
HUGE thanks goes to Shauna who was our box loader for the first time.
Jethro & Epic competed for the first time & had clean runs!! Well done Tina & Donna!
Bosley was his typical funny self, taking his time up to the box, sometimes surveying his surroundings, but always getting his right dumbbell then racing back to the finish.
Gyp was her speedy self & was almost always right on, just a couple of tiny bobbles but is a definite asset to our team !!
Swift wowed us by not crossing the line once or barking her way around the box, what a good girl!!
Princess Pixel was her perfect little self & didn't make a mistake all night!
We had lots of funny moments as well.
In one race I made a huge mistake by not remembering where Kort's dumbbell was & told him he was right when he picked up #3, oops! I didn't even look at the number when he brought it back as I am so used to him being right, my bad!!!
The look on my teams faces when they saw me sitting on the floor hanging onto a barking bundle of a tri sheltie for an opposing team, was priceless :)
Tina's boyfriend was super nice to video the races for us, as soon as they are compiled we will post them here!
Congrats to Us! Good Job Team !!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last Practice

In Attendance:


Last night we had our last practice before the race on Saturday. Judi Snowdon with Drummer & Donni Scott with Betty joined in on our practice. It was great to have them.
We have had a bit of a change regarding the racing dogs with Jethro stepping in for one heat. The dogs all worked well & Shauna has agreed to box load for us so we are ready!
Go No NonScents !!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the Racing Dogs Are....

In Attendance:


Practice went well, with just a few suggestions to make our time a bit faster. Amanda picked the team that is to race in Lethbridge.

Racing are:

Pixel, Bosley & Kort, with Gyp & Epic alternating, & Cookie racing at least once to see how he does. Should be lots of fun !

Only 2 more practices until the real thing people !!!!