Friday, December 12, 2014

Changes and Congratulations

LUNA - New Scenthurdle Dog Champion

Last night in place of a training night we had a meeting.  There are some changes within the Scenthurdle club and we needed to discuss them as a group.  Most have been not finalized yet so I won't post here quite yet.
We did decide to pull out our 2 separate entries for the January race at Spruce Meadows in favour of having one blended team.

I also received the points this morning from our race in Lethbridge, and coming home with new titles are.....

Shannon & Keeper who at their very first race received their SCENTHURDLE DOG Title!!!!

Gord/Terri & Luna became SCENTHURDLE DOG CHAMPIONS !!!!

Way to go guys!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lethbridge Dog Show

Keeper all dressed and ready for her first night of racing!
We competed at our local show last weekend and what a night it was!!   We introduced 3 new team members and each of them did amazing for their first races, congratulations to........

Shannon & Keeper new members of No Nonscents
Michelle & Bezzie new members of Full of Nonscents &
Jocelyn & Zumba also new members of Full of Nonscents.

All of you made your teammates so proud!

On a personal note, last weekend was Kort's last race.  He raced the first one without an issue, but the second one was a different story.  It became very evident once again, his back problems were painful enough that he was struggling to finish the race.  I made the extremely hard decision to pull him from the rest of the night and to retire him officially.

It was so emotional for me, Kort is one of the originals, way back when we began the new team, we all learned together and made our team the great one that it is today.
Kort and I love Scenthurdle and my heart is breaking for him.   It was one of the last things that Kort and I were able to do together.
I did however get to race Pixel in a few races and we did awesome if I do say so myself ! :)

Thank you Amanda for being there for me while I cried, I know I am always crying lol!  You are a wonderful Captain and a great friend.
Thank you to my team members that came up to me during the race with words of comfort, for I really was struggling. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Young and New Dog Training Night

In Attendance:


The dogs that were able  to take all 4 jumps and retrieve off the box practiced just that.  The new dogs that are just learning practiced retrieving with enthusiasm and retrieving over one jump.  They also practiced taking 2 jumps in a row, fun!!  We also practiced taking the bells off of the box.   Everyone is working very hard and coming along so well, it is just an awesome group of people!

We also had the pleasure of Judy from Due South come down for some practice with Drummer and Castle, it was great to see her as always

Friday, October 17, 2014


Baby Rhona owned by Maureen is one of the pups in training :)

 Tonight's practice was for the dogs that are trained and on a team....

In Attendance:

Gord, Terri/Luna

Not too much to report, all the dogs are doing amazing, making very few mistakes.  We rock :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014


 We had a busy practice on Thursday, we have many members and upcoming dogs so Amanda and Shauna have come up with a schedule to suit everyone and give each handler and dog the individual training they require as well as the space to do it in, below is the schedule.......

TRAINED TEAM DOGS- defined as dogs who are steady and don't make many mistakes, or long term team members (ie. Bosley, Karma,  Kort, Jethro, etc)

IN TRAINING TEAM DOGS- defined as dogs who are assigned to a team but still need training and proofing (ie. Zumba, Sunar, Keeper, Bezzie, Cookie, Swift,)

NEW DOGS- defined as dogs who either just started training or are putting things together. (ie. Rhona, Rundle, Lync, Jade, Maggie, Hawk etc)

If you are not sure which category your dogs fits in please ask me.

We will be alternating weeks as follows

16 Team practice- team and dogs in training 
23 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
30 Team practice- team and dogs in training

6 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
13 Team Practice- team and dogs in training
20 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
27 Team Practice- team and dogs in training

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Team Members :)

Last night we had a pracitice and found out what teams the new dogs were going to be on!  This is always so exciting when your hard work finally results in being able to race!

Welcome Keeper & Shannon to No Nonscents!|
Welcome Bezzie & Michelle, and Jocelyn & Zumba to Full of Nonscents!

These dogs and handlers will be racing for the first time at our Lethbridge show in November, so exciting!!

We also have some new upcoming youngsters, belonging to members, that have begun their training.  Lync, Rundle, Leo and Rhona are learning the ropes and will be on a team once they have everything figured out :)

We definitely have to arrange a photo session to update our group picture!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Team

Tonight our Scenthurdle group got together and went out for supper, kind of an end of the season wrap up.
We have  such a great group, we really care about each other.   We have so many new members and dogs ready to race , it is so awesome!  A few of them will be debuting at our local show in November which is very exciting.  It will be nice for them to be on home ground so to speak.
We also have a few members who are now training a second dog as well.  
Here's a picture of most of us from tonight, Amanda is missing as she was taking the picture, Gord was home sick and Shannon arrived later so she isn't in it either, but aren't we a great looking group!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Race

Swift back in 2011, taken by Wendy Devent

Another race is in the books!  This year we didn't have the tornado so we were able to finish all of our races!
It seems to always be our two teams, No Nonscents , Full of Nonscents, Due South, and the "Fun" teams that come down from Calgary to race here.  They really are fun too!  Such a great group of people and it is so relaxed.
We were thrilled to have Swift back, she only raced one race but she was amazing!, super fast and was so happy to be playing with us again!

This year we had to worry about mosquitoes, omg they were horrible!!!! I came home looking like I had the measles! 

All that being said we have some new titles to report!!

Actually JETHRO got his SCENTHURDLE DOG CHAMPION TITLE in June but I forgot to report it, Congratulations guys!!!!!!

ROXY finished her SCENTHURDLE EXCELLENT TITLE, congratulations !!!!!!!

Next race Spruce Meadows at the end of July, with any luck it will be mosquito free :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lethbridge Races

As always we had a ton of fun at out races held here this past weekend, we have some new titles to be proud of!

Congratulations to.....





Way to go guys!

Saturday, May 31, 2014



I have been terribly lax in my blogging duties on here!

We have been practicing every 2 weeks lately and the beginners just finished up their last practice until the fall.
We will be having a new dog class in the fall and I am very excited to start Lync out!!

At our last practice we had Judi and Daryl from Due South come out with their dogs, Drummer, Castle and Betty to practice with us.  It was wonderful to have them!

The local obedience trials are this weekend and we are having 2 nights of Scenthurdle which is fantastic!

Hopefully now that the weather has turned nice we can get to have some outside practices too .

That's about it for now!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Still Here!

Scenthurdle is hard work! We must keep up our strength with doughnuts!!


Gord, Terri/Luna

We are still around even though there hasn't been any blog posts lately !!!

We decided to take the month of March off, a well deserved rest for all the dogs and handlers.  The newbies still practiced however and it is so exciting to see these new comers improving so quickly.  We also have 3 lovely young junior handlers who are super sweet girls and their dogs are doing fantastic!  There is just something special about kids and dogs isn't there ?

We had a practice last night and as usual the regular dogs ran extremely well, I got to run Pixel which was super fun!  She was a good girl and raced for me even though Amanda was racing against us, with Brit, on the other team.  This will come in very handy in future races! 

Some exciting news is that we have ordered a brand new set of jumps!! When we have races here we have had to have other teams bring their jumps as we did not have two regulations sets, now we will , yippee!

We also all bought new hoodies for the team! Some have red ones, some have black, but we look really great in them! I love team sports!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Kort and Swift at our very first set of races ever! Red Deer AB

In attendance:

Gord, Terri/Luna

We had discussion at the beginning. The newbies are coming along awesome with many of them more then likely ready to race this year!!

We decided that since we will not be in any races until June, we will take the month of March off for a needed rest for the dogs.  The newbies will still be practicing each week and we can come join them or work on our own on specific items.  Amanda will need 2 members to help out each week with the newbies.

We will be ordering a second set of jumps, hurray! That way we won't need to have other teams bring theirs when traveling here to compete.

We are getting hoodies!!! We are going to look smashing!

Practice was short and sweet with very few mistakes.

I will let everyone know when the hoodies have arrived :)

Enjoy the month off!!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15 2014

Today we traveled to Calgary for another Independent tournament, man we love these!! We were done the day at 3 pm! So much better then 11:30 pm !!

As usual we all had a wonderful time, full of laughs and many yummy doughnuts!  We were at a new venue called Bow Dogs, they made up cute little thank you bags for each of us to take home, so awesome!

Full of Nonscents rocked and came in 2nd place over all!!! No Nonscents had a few extra bobbles & came in 4th.

We  have some new titles to announce as well!!
Congratulations to Judy, she put new titles on both of her dogs today!!


Remember there will be no practice next week, all the dogs need a rest, they've earned it!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Goodbye Crawford :(

Today our teammate Crawford crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with his best friend Maureen by his side.

Crawford even made the front page of our newspaper!

Out hearts all ache with sadness for Maureen.  Crawford was such an enthusiastic, charismatic, little guy.  His constant barking , while deafening at times, will be sorely missed by us all.  It won't be the same without Crawford grunting his way over every jump as fast as his little legs could carry him.

He is without pain now Maureen, you can try to take some comfort in that.

We are so sorry...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Titles!!!!

Back row, L-R  Maizie, Karma, Kort, Bosley ...Front Row, L-R Pixel, Catch, Crawford, Jethro, Luna

The points are in, the results are official!

Congratulations to the following dogs and their new titles!!.......





Congratulations to all, you should be very proud!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday Practice

Handsome Epic

Great practice last night.
We started the night with the newbies in training, they worked on their dumbbell retrieves, discrimination, & taking the dumbbell off the box, these up & comers are doing fabulously & will no doubt be competing before too long!

In Attendance:


We talked about rules & how we all need to read them!  Amanda says there will be a test so we better bone up lol!  I myself have read them many times, I never remember them, but I've read them!
At our last race we had a couple of near misses with almost stepping over the line , letting our dogs go early, & not sure of who is responsible for retrieving a dropped dumbbell.  All these things are stuff we should know by now, we are loosing so many points by silly mistakes.
We promise to do better Amanda!!

We discussed which races we could attend this year as well.
I have to say that our team is so awesome, such great sports & we all just mesh together so well.

See you next Thursday, 7:30

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AKC Show

Well the first race of the new year is in the books & what a marathon night it was!

We started racing about 6pm & finished at 11:30pm !! The dogs were all troopers, some of them getting slower near the end of the night ( Kort ), some getting faster ( Jethro ) !!  We all missed Crawford & his crazy barking, as Tina said, it was strangely quiet at times :(

We had tons of laughs, Scenthurdle is the only dog sport I compete in where everyone , & I mean everyone, are good sports, supportive of their own teammates as well as other teammates.  It makes for a fun fun night!

For example, we had the girls that would hold up box numbers to rate our performances, so funny, we had fun photo opportunities with Judy being a great sport when this picture was taken of her :)

I was hoping to post all the new titles that were awarded, but the points have yet to come in to make it official, so I will do that in another post, for now enjoy a couple of videos from the night :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


All of us are thinking good thoughts and saying lots of prayers for our team mates Maureen & Crawford today.
Crawford was diagnosed with intestinal cancer & is going  through surgery today to remove the infected intestines.  He is at the C.A.R.E center in Calgary.
Good luck little guy, we're pulling for you.
Hugs for Maureen while she waits for him to come out of surgery.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Beginnings

Luna loves to play Scenthurdle !

This Thursday will be our Beginners Class for people that would like to give Scenthurdle a try!  It is so exciting to see the interest in this sport!  Not only do we now have 2 Lethbridge  teams competing, but we have a bunch of keen people coming up that also want to try out for the teams!

This Saturday we will be competing in Calgary at the AKC show, & Full of Nonscents will make their debut as a new team, whoo hoo!  I am hoping to get video so stay tuned for that after the weekend.

Beginner class will start at 6:15 this Thursday.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!

 In Attendance:


This year will be so exciting!  We are officially 2 teams now, wow!!

We have No Nonscents & Full of Nonscents & we practised with our "new" teams.

Roberta finished painting the new box & it looks fantastic!  I will be painting the Full of Nonscents dumbells black.
We are all excited to be going to the AKC show on January 17th & we also decided we have enough members to compete in the Scentabilty Tournament in February.

Next Practice Thursday January 9 @ 7:30, see you then