Friday, May 10, 2013

New Title

At the box

We just found out that Maize came home from the Calgary Scenthurdle Race with her SCENTHURDLE EXCELLENT title!!!!
Congratulations Judy & Maize!!

Good Girl !

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Independant Race in Calgary

Yesterday our team headed to Calgary for our first Independent race, yippee! , held at Dignified Dogs.
Our team did amazing, losing only one race out of the five & coming in second place overall.
Crawford & Karma made their debuts & were awesome!
Thank you to Shauna who came down just to box load for us.

Kim managed to get some pictures of the dogs doing their thing......






Bosley was also there!!! Kim was taking the pictures so no photos of him :(

The Video ......

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ready To Race!!!!

In Attendance

Amanda/Pixel, Brit

Tomorrow we are attending our 2nd race of the year but it is our first independant race, that means we don't have to wait around all day long for Best In Show to be over.  We are starting at 10:30 am & will be finished by 1:15, how fun is that!
Tonight we raced in the dogs in the teams  that we will be racing in tomorrow.  We did a bit of rearranging to find the best order for the dogs, both Kort & Crawford are not the best going first.  Bosley runs faster going second for instance.
We had a couple of races under 40 seconds which was awesome!
Roberta & Karma, & Maureen & Crawford, will be debuting as well, whoo hoo!! 
Shauna is box loading so we are all set & ready to race!!!!