Friday, October 24, 2014

Young and New Dog Training Night

In Attendance:


The dogs that were able  to take all 4 jumps and retrieve off the box practiced just that.  The new dogs that are just learning practiced retrieving with enthusiasm and retrieving over one jump.  They also practiced taking 2 jumps in a row, fun!!  We also practiced taking the bells off of the box.   Everyone is working very hard and coming along so well, it is just an awesome group of people!

We also had the pleasure of Judy from Due South come down for some practice with Drummer and Castle, it was great to see her as always

Friday, October 17, 2014


Baby Rhona owned by Maureen is one of the pups in training :)

 Tonight's practice was for the dogs that are trained and on a team....

In Attendance:

Gord, Terri/Luna

Not too much to report, all the dogs are doing amazing, making very few mistakes.  We rock :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014


 We had a busy practice on Thursday, we have many members and upcoming dogs so Amanda and Shauna have come up with a schedule to suit everyone and give each handler and dog the individual training they require as well as the space to do it in, below is the schedule.......

TRAINED TEAM DOGS- defined as dogs who are steady and don't make many mistakes, or long term team members (ie. Bosley, Karma,  Kort, Jethro, etc)

IN TRAINING TEAM DOGS- defined as dogs who are assigned to a team but still need training and proofing (ie. Zumba, Sunar, Keeper, Bezzie, Cookie, Swift,)

NEW DOGS- defined as dogs who either just started training or are putting things together. (ie. Rhona, Rundle, Lync, Jade, Maggie, Hawk etc)

If you are not sure which category your dogs fits in please ask me.

We will be alternating weeks as follows

16 Team practice- team and dogs in training 
23 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
30 Team practice- team and dogs in training

6 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
13 Team Practice- team and dogs in training
20 Training Night- dogs in training and new dogs
27 Team Practice- team and dogs in training

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Team Members :)

Last night we had a pracitice and found out what teams the new dogs were going to be on!  This is always so exciting when your hard work finally results in being able to race!

Welcome Keeper & Shannon to No Nonscents!|
Welcome Bezzie & Michelle, and Jocelyn & Zumba to Full of Nonscents!

These dogs and handlers will be racing for the first time at our Lethbridge show in November, so exciting!!

We also have some new upcoming youngsters, belonging to members, that have begun their training.  Lync, Rundle, Leo and Rhona are learning the ropes and will be on a team once they have everything figured out :)

We definitely have to arrange a photo session to update our group picture!!