Friday, April 18, 2014

Still Here!

Scenthurdle is hard work! We must keep up our strength with doughnuts!!


Gord, Terri/Luna

We are still around even though there hasn't been any blog posts lately !!!

We decided to take the month of March off, a well deserved rest for all the dogs and handlers.  The newbies still practiced however and it is so exciting to see these new comers improving so quickly.  We also have 3 lovely young junior handlers who are super sweet girls and their dogs are doing fantastic!  There is just something special about kids and dogs isn't there ?

We had a practice last night and as usual the regular dogs ran extremely well, I got to run Pixel which was super fun!  She was a good girl and raced for me even though Amanda was racing against us, with Brit, on the other team.  This will come in very handy in future races! 

Some exciting news is that we have ordered a brand new set of jumps!! When we have races here we have had to have other teams bring their jumps as we did not have two regulations sets, now we will , yippee!

We also all bought new hoodies for the team! Some have red ones, some have black, but we look really great in them! I love team sports!