Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tonight's Practice

 What would Scent practice be without a storm looming?  Thankfully we were able to get in a good practice before the thunder & lightning started!

 In Attendance:


What we did:

Tonight we started with the one & only new dog present Luna.  We let Luna have some fun running the jumps to the dumbbell & then back with Gord.  Later we back chained doing 1 jump to the box, 2 jumps to the box & so on.  After Luna aced that she did discrimination on the box & was 3 for 3 with a full box of X's even! Luna is coming along very nicely!  Catch stepped in to help give Luna someone to race with as well.

Later the racing dogs ran with our guest, Shannon, with her dogs Piper & Keeper providing distractions.  Even with Keeper playing tug right beside the racing dogs they aced it!!

We feel pretty confident going into the races at Spruce Meadows this weekend :)

Good job team!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lethbridge Race

My oh my what a night!!!

The team was all over the place, wrong dumbbells, dogs crossing the line, chasing other dogs lol!, not scenting, taking a couple of jumps then just coming back , geez louise!
It also became very clear that we need to have a boxloader "only" position!  Someone who will just come out & box load & not race.

Then there was the hail storm, holy cow what a storm it was!  We ended up having to end the races early so we could pack up & get safely into our vehicles, what a night!!

That being said we still managed to pull out a few races that we ran well & most of us came home with more points.

Huge congratulatuions to Sarah & GYP who got their SCENTHURDLE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!
Whoo Hoo!

Next race Spruce Meadows in 3 weeks !!