Friday, April 3, 2015

Back to Work!

Brit soars over a jump!!

Last night we had a practice after a months rest.....

Racing Dogs in Attendance.....


Training Dogs in Attendance......

Guest, Betty/Daryll

Welcome Marsha and Flyte who drove in from Medicine Hat to train with us and is hopefully going to be able to join one of our teams!  Flyte is amazing and in just 2 lessons has this game all figured out :)

 The training dogs are coming along in leaps and bounds and they are smoking fast!! All of them, hopefully that will transfer over when they are actually racing.

See you all next week, Racing dogs, 7:30-8......Dogs in training, 8-8:30

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger!! I think it's because Kort isn't racing so I forget to blog!

Tonight we have a practice after taking the month of March off, 1/2 hour for the racing dogs followed by a 1/2  hour for the dogs in training.  I have been training my own dog Lync but need to decide if I want to continue to follow through, I am doing a few other things with him.

There have been quite a few changes within the Scenthurdle Club, namely elections.  Amanda came away as President and myself as Vice President.

So after tonight I promise to be a better blogger and post our news .....