Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Race

Swift back in 2011, taken by Wendy Devent

Another race is in the books!  This year we didn't have the tornado so we were able to finish all of our races!
It seems to always be our two teams, No Nonscents , Full of Nonscents, Due South, and the "Fun" teams that come down from Calgary to race here.  They really are fun too!  Such a great group of people and it is so relaxed.
We were thrilled to have Swift back, she only raced one race but she was amazing!, super fast and was so happy to be playing with us again!

This year we had to worry about mosquitoes, omg they were horrible!!!! I came home looking like I had the measles! 

All that being said we have some new titles to report!!

Actually JETHRO got his SCENTHURDLE DOG CHAMPION TITLE in June but I forgot to report it, Congratulations guys!!!!!!

ROXY finished her SCENTHURDLE EXCELLENT TITLE, congratulations !!!!!!!

Next race Spruce Meadows at the end of July, with any luck it will be mosquito free :)