Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We all have ability. The difference is in how we use it. 
Stevie Wonder

We had our first meeting as a complete group and Sunday, and hopefully things are more clear for everyone. The ultimate message was Teamwork. Everyone needs to work together, to put in effort, and to try. No one is perfect, and no is going to be able to make every practice, but putting in the "try" is what makes the difference. 

We all have great dogs, who are very capable. This game is great fun, but takes loads of training to start. Those who want to do well, and to race will. And those who don't won't.

I am working on an actual Calendar- there is a temporary one on this blog. We won't be racing now until November, so hopefully we can get some good training time in and get some of the newer dogs running.

Practice wise things are still tough to schedule.  Due to the agility trials coming up I think the next available time for actual practice will be Monday, Aug 29th at 7:30. Once we move into Fall/Winter it will be much easier to schedule regular practices on the same night/time. Summer is always the hardest time to organize people. lol

However,  we are scheduled to perform at Whoop Up Days (Aug 23-27) with Go Dog Go. We will be doing scent hurdle demos a few times over the week. More details to come. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spruce Meadows

We had some good races in Spruce Meadows. Kort, Swift, Bosley and Pixel all earned their Scenthurdle Excellent Titles. Congrats Guys!

Gyp is now just five points away from her first Scenthurdle Title as well.

The team ran well, with some nice tight passes and not too many errors. We still held Swift back though just to be sure to avoid an issue.

Our next race is in two week at the WAC trial.

We have a meeting scheduled for this sunday at 7:30.