Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a night!!!

No Nonscents headed to Calgary this past weekend to race at the Alberta Kennel Club dog show. It was our best showing yet!!! 

We worked as a team and all the dogs had a great night. Only a few small bobbles, and only one No Time all night. I am so proud of everyone for working so hard with their dogs. We have come a long way from a year ago!!!

We ran in 7 races, and won 5 of them- that is pretty awesome! At the end of the night we placed 2nd out of 7 teams. We had competitive times, with one time under the 35 second mark. That race earned each dog in that race 10 points! 

I've put together a video of all the races. You'll see the two mistakes were by Pixel and Kort- the pressure of the pillar in that lane really pushed them off their path. Pixel's race was the NT one as I didn't communicate with our box loader quick enough to put in another 4 for Pixel. Kort redeemed himself and was able to go back and get the dumbbell. 

Having the video is pretty great- you can really see small things that we can be fixing to improve our time. I think we need get some of the dogs picking up the dumbbell sooner- not circling a few times. Bosley needs to wear his coat every time so he can stop shaking each time. lol. And we need to proof for pressure for the dogs to stay in the jump lane. Discrimination wise there were no issues- all the dogs were bang on. 

Here are the total points for each dog. This is a total so far in their career- not just for one night. 

Jethro 53 
Bosley 235
Pixel 285
Kort 240
Swift 170
Epic 40
Gyp 135

Pretty impressive I'd say!!! 

A big congrats to those that came home with new titles!!!! 
Jethro SHD

No Nonscents will be racing in Reddeer in April.