Monday, November 18, 2013

Lethbridge Race

Left to Right in front-  Pixel, Catch, Crawford, Jethro & Luna....Left to Right in back- Maize, Karma, Kort & Bosley

Another race is in the books!!

Congratulations to CRAWFORD who earned his SCENTHURDLE DOG EXCELLENT title!!!!

New Scenthurdle Dog Excellent Title !!

 LUNA & Gord made their debuts & what a great debut it was!  Luna did one perfect run & was only mildy distracted in her other runs by all the craziness in an actual race.  Gord managed to keep his cool as well & was a great partner for Luna.  Terri made her debut as assistant box loader & even did a race on her own, thanks Terri!! This is NOT an easy job!

We ended the night in 2nd place, great job team!!

Amanda brought her camera & we got some nice candids as well as a picture of all the racers.

Kim & Bosley

We will be having a meeting on Thursday at 7:30, see you all there

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday Practice

In Attendance....


Guest Daryl/Betty

What we did....

 Well first we sang Happy Birthday to Kim who was celebrating her Birthday :)  We had yummy Crazy Cakes cupcakes too :)

We went right into racing, splitting up into 2 teams & changing up the running order a number of times.  The dogs are all doing so well, making very few mistakes, it should be fun in Lethbridge!

We talked later about another race coming up in January at Spruce Meadows.  We could go for both nights, Fri & Sat, but there was some worry about not having anything to do all day Sat. when waiting for the race.  We still have some time to decide if we are going to go up for both, or just one race.  Also we will be racing as 2 teams at that point.

Here is a list of upcoming races for next year, please print it out so you have it.

AKC Calgary, Jan 17,18
SSHC, Calgary, Feb 15
FSACA, Agility, Cardiff, March 8 (?)
BRCA, Camrose, March 22
RDDKC, Red Deer, Apr 5
RSG May 4
CKOC, Cochrane, May 10
NACA, Edmonton, May 30,31
LKDC, Lethbridge, June
SSHC, Fox's Balzac or Wetnoses, Carseland, June 29
LDKC, Agility Lethbridge, July 5
EKKOC, Calgary, July 11,12
AKIC Calgary, Aug 1,2
EKC, Edmonton, Aug 9,10
WKKC, Calstlegar BC, Aug 16
CDKC, Cranbrook, Aug 23
SSHR, Carseland, Sept 6
CKOC, Cochrane, Sept 13
Demo, RDOG, North Glenmore Park, Calgary, Sept 20
LKOB, Lloyminster SK, Sept 27
BRCA, Camrose, Oct 25
RDDKC, Red Deer, Nov 1
FSACA, Cardiff, Nov 15
LKDC, Lethbridge, Nov 15
RSG, Calgary, Dec 13

See you all next Tues, 7 pm !

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tuesday Night


I'm getting behind in my blogging!

Practice this past Tuesday was a good one, we raced our dogs to & from the box  hoping for more speed & excitement from them, especially running "to" the box.
We sat & watched passing to try & cut time there if we could, wouldn't it be great if we had a race under 35 seconds!
We had a look at individual dog points to see who was close to titles.
We took a quick vote to see if anyone was interested in going to the individual race in Calgary on Dec 14, looks that that is a go as long as the weather holds up!

Racing dogs for Lethbridge have been decided....

Jethro, Bosley, Maize, Karma, Kort, Pixel, Crawford, & Catch

Lastly we voted on changing our practice night to Thursday, this will start after the Lethbridge show,
that's about it!

See you Tues at 7pm !