Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday Night Practice

In Attendance:


What we did:

We finally found a night to fit in a practice!
Friday the 6th we all got together.
First we did some restrained recalls, owners & dogs first. Then we did side by side recalls, 2 dogs running at the same time beside each other. Then to make it more challenging we did recalls where the dogs had to pass by each other running. Thanks to Bobbi who runs her dogs in flyball for these suggestions for proofing our dogs.
Then the running dogs practiced a couple of heats, everything went well except for Kort who seemed to be having some difficulty finding his dumbbell.
Note to self: don't groom dog with smelly products before going to a scent practice :) !!

Then we split up into stations to practice with the newer dogs.

We had a jumping station which Kim helped with. Plus we had 2 stations of scenting from the box. Amanda & myself worked with the dogs at these stations. I could really see the improvement in all the new dogs, they were excited to find their dumbbells & are having loads of fun!!
Great job everyone!!