Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Practice Night

Hey!!! that's my dumbell!!

Wow what a crowd we had last night! Everyone was able to make it, so nice to see!

In Attendance:


We talked for a bit about the split in the teams, while it would be awesome if we could all stay on the same team it wouldn't be realistic.  There are too many of us now, & if we don't split in to 2 teams we will not get very many races per dog.  We are trying to makes the teams equal, with some experienced dogs, some newer dogs, we think it works, guess we'll find out next year! It won't be perfect, nothing in life ever is, but we'll make it work.  We will still be one team in heart and offer full support for each other no matter what team we are on :)

We started out racing pretty much right away, 2 teams , changing up the running order so the dogs were always running against another dog.  Most handled it without a blink, some dogs still need more work on being reactive to certain dogs, & sounds.

We learned there may be only 3 team in Lethbridge, such a bummer that in our own city we can't draw enough teams, what it means for the dogs running is they may only get 1 or 2 races tops, sucky but a reality.

We talked about the Independent race next year in Calgary, 2 tournaments there, a great opportunity to finish up some titles!! Kort, Bosley & Pixel are very close to their Scenthurdle Masters Titles.  Catch must be getting close to his first title of Scenthurdle Dog!  Tina & Jethro , Maureen & Crawford, Roberta & Karma, may be close to their Scenthurdle Excellent titles, so exciting for all!!

Next practice will be Tuesday, same time, same place, 7ypm, at Paws On The Run, see you there!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Practice at Cowley

This morning a bunch of team members travelled out to Cowley for a practice.  It is worth traveling for the hour to have a new venue for the dogs to race in , as well as racing against another team.

Making the trip were Amanda & Pixel, Gord, Terri & Luna, Jolene & Kort, Roberta & Karma, Tina & Jethro, Shauna & Catch, & Donna , Epic, & Swift.

The dogs did well for the most part, still some difficulty with some dogs not taking every jump or crossing the line, but all in all a great practice.

The star today was Luna, who has come leaps & bounds, making no mistakes today which earned her the right to race in Lethbridge, & to get an official number of her very own!

Congratulations to Gord & Terri for all your dedication & hard work, and to Luna, Number 2 !!!