Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lethbridge Race Video

A friend of Donnie & Daryl's videoed the race in Lethbridge, she did an awesome job, I love the perspective .

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lethbridge Race

Last night we raced at the Lethbridge Kennel Club show.  It was our first race since April!.

Some dogs were a bit rusty, Kort for one, he forgot how to smell apparently in the first race, but redeemed himself in the next 2 :)  Gyppie had a couple of bobbles but also came through for the team.  Bosley was right on the  money in every race, good boy :)  Jethro seemed to forget to jump "all" the jumps but he had a great time!!

We had 3 new dogs debut!, Maizie, Izzie & Brit.  Maizie & Brit were right on with no mistakes!! Izzie had to get some help at first but after that, with some encouragement & cheers from the crowd, she did a great job!

Roberta debuted as the boxloader as Kharma is out with an injury. Thank you Roberta, you did a wonderful job!!! Boxloaders often go unmentioned , not intentionally, but it is not an easy job & Roberta boxloaded multiple times for the other teams as well as ours!

It was a small group of racers, with just 5 teams entered, but it was full of fun & good sportsmanship!

No Nonscents came in 3rd place out of the 5 teams!!

Well done !!